The Washington Times - February 25, 2009, 11:22AM

The last hour has brought an IM and an e-mail about Maryland fans’ latest attempt to get the under the skin of Duke.

Alas, apparently some more sophomoric supporters opted to go the old call-the-visiting-team-at-their-hotel-and-hassle-them approach, including invoking the name of one local paper in a crude call (click at your own risk) to Duke’s Greg Paulus.


(Full disclosure: My night included preparing lasagna, watching President Obama’s address to Congress and coming up with a quirky chart to use later today. In short, it was boring, and not filled with prank phone calls. Not that you care.)

Anyway, a concerted phone attack is a little eyeroll-worthy, getting low marks for creativity and thoughtfulness —- though the apparent execution was effective. You can’t knock that.

So Maryland fans get the first laugh —- and probably the second one, too, once all the photocopied pictures of Jon Scheyer‘s facial contortions are handed out tonight. As well they should; it is a clever idea Maryland fans have perfected over the last few years.

But all the frivolity of a fanbase that has more than its share of lowest-common-denominator supporters will disappear if the final result tonight is anywhere near the outcome of the first Maryland-Duke game (a 41-point Blue Devils victory).

That, after all, is a call that’s easy to make.

—- Patrick Stevens