The Washington Times - February 27, 2009, 05:32PM

The best game of this young lacrosse season will start in a few hours.

Virginia. Syracuse. Carrier Dome. One versus two.


Here’s guessing it lives up to expectations.

These schools have met twice in February. The final scores were 22-21 and 18-17.

Sure, that was a decade ago. How about we try last year’s games.

Those scores? 14-13 and 12-11 —- both in overtime.

So an up-and-down, rock-em-sock-em game? Probably on the way.

One thing that’s interesting is these two played in the Face-Off Classic in Baltimore the last two years. And on the eve of last year’s game, coach Dom Starsia asked his players if they’d rather play this season’s game in the Carrier Dome. It was almost unanimous in favor of switching back to campus sites.

“Can you imagine if we were in the Face-Off Classic this year?” Starsia mused. “They would have 3-D stuff coming out of the computer.”

Mainly because of the offensive fireworks sure to unfold.

“To me, it has the feel of that kind of game,” Starsia said. “We happen to be 4-0 and they happen to be 2-0. When you’re saying to your kids ‘You didn’t do this the right way’ and we’ve been able to win anyway, you can’t always convince your kids until they see it in action. … It’s kind of rolling the ball out because you’re really seeing what you’ve got.”

We’ll see what both have in a couple hours.

—- Patrick Stevens