The Washington Times - February 27, 2009, 12:19PM

Just a quick note on Maryland defenseman Brian Farrell, who will miss tomorrow’s Face-Off Classic game against Duke with a sternum and ribs injury.

This isn’t a run-of-the-mill ailment; coach Dave Cottle said Farrell spent last night (and is expected to spend tonight) in a Baltimore hospital after having two liters of fluid drained from his lungs.


You don’t have to be a doctor to tell that isn’t a good thing, and much more dangerous than simply a tweaked ankle or bruised wrist.

The short story is Farrell was hit late in the Feb. 14 game against Air Force, had X-rays that came back negative after returning home, practiced sparingly last week, played intermittently Saturday against Georgetown, then was in even more pain when the Terps returned to practice this week.

A concerned Cottle told his trainer to have Farrell examined again, and it was then that two cracked ribs were discovered.

So the Terps will be without Farrell for a while. But the good news for Maryland is that Cottle said Farrell is feeling better, there are no signs of infection in his chest and the extra night in the hospital is simply a precautionary measure to ensure that any developing infection would be caught immediately.

I’ll have more on the injury in tomorrow’s dead-tree edition, and a bit more on how Maryland will cope with Farrell’s absence tomorrow afternoon.