The Washington Times - February 3, 2009, 05:04PM

Cliff Tucker‘s situation —- even before his decision to voice understandable frustration with his vanishing role —- had me thinking about who on Maryland‘s roster is the best scorer.

This seems pretty simple. You just choose the guy with the most points, right?


Well, not exactly. There are no doubt more complicated formulas to use, but since I’m not all that interested in figuring out how to get Greek letters to pop up here, let’s go with something easier.

I call it “points per minute.”

Obviously, that is no one’s definition of complex. But here’s Maryland’s roster based on that metric:

Player Points Minutes Pts/Min
21-Vasquez 339 722 0.470
1-Milbourne 276 595 0.464
22-Bowie 228 558 0.398
24-Tucker 77 209 0.368
35-Neal 158 454 0.348
5-Hayes 192 624 0.308
11-Kim 31 110 0.282
14-Mosley 102 374 0.272
4-Dupree 43 226 0.190
33-Gregory 55
307 0.179
25-Goins 2 12 0.167
32-Burney 4 48 0.083
23-Pearman 0 11 0.000

So, there it is —- Tucker is a better per-minute scorer than all but three of his teammates.

Now, that number would probably be lower if he was playing more in conference play; the presence of better competition would make it difficult for him to keep scoring like he did against Bucknell and Delaware State.

One other number that stood out was Jin Soo Kim‘s. Now that he’s eligible again and is coming off  a solid game against Miami, it would be no surprise to see him improve the efficiency that is already quite a bit better than many of Maryland’s options at forward.

—- Patrick Stevens