The Washington Times - February 4, 2009, 11:24AM

I went out of the crowded press room to work out in the arena and before long a TV crew came to finish up its work.

One thing they mentioned was North Carolina’s Marcus Ginyard won’t play for the rest of the season and will seek a medical redshirt. Toss in the loss of Tyler Zeller and Will Graves‘ suspension, and the Tar Heels suddenly don’t look so deep.


They also don’t have a defensive stopper.

Look, Maryland played well last night, and there’s a lot for Gary Williams and Co. to take out of that loss.

But some of the Terps’ offensive efficiency came from playing an opponent with a matador defense. Maryland, as presently constructed, probably shouldn’t be scoring 91 points in regulation.

That has to be fixed. Ginyard would have gone a long way to solving that problem, though instead he’ll probably be part of the solution in Carolina’s post-Hansbrough world next season.

Let it be clear —- the Tar Heels still might have the game’s best starting five, and Ed Davis is an efficient sixth man. But Carolina only got seven points from its bench, and it couldn’t come close to stopping Sean Mosley and Cliff Tucker.

There are some scarier players than Mosley and Tucker lurking on the contenders who Carolina will encounter in the second and third weekends of the NCAA tournament. And even though a national title is still possible, it would come as no surprise if the Tar Heels didn’t make it to the Final Four unless it solves its defensive problems.

—- Patrick Stevens