The Washington Times - February 4, 2009, 07:06AM

It’s not often a game is as easy to break down as last night’s festivities between North Carolina and Maryland was.

Namely, there was no defense. None. Nada.


Seriously, it was like watching an NBA game from the 1970s. If more NBA games were like that, I’d actually want to watch pro basketball.

But the point was Maryland looked like it was making virtually no attempt to defend the perimeter in the first half. That’s probably unfair to say. In reality, North Carolina’s speed and savvy passing had something to do with how good the Tar Heels looked early on.

Still it is one game, and a game no one realistically expected Maryland to win, anyway. And the Terps’ defense hasn’t been a problem most of the season, anyway.

So was last night less than ideal? Sure. But it’s a lot easier to pass it off as a blip than the offensive struggles at Duke were a week and a half ago.

—- Patrick Stevens