The Washington Times - February 5, 2009, 06:21PM

This is an entry more for my own reference down the road than anything else.

But it’s also interesting to see who’s doing what in terms of attracting players to Maryland.


So here’s a rundown of who helped Maryland snag each of its 26 football recruits (and there is some cross-recruiting involved):

James Franklin (11): Arnett, Brown, DeSouza, Drakeford, Goree, Mackall, O’Brien, Porzel, Ross, Stinebaugh, White

Dave Sollazzo (7): Blue, Kerr, Donohue, Ferrara, Graham, Hawkins, Whitfield

Tom Brattan (6): Adams, Fulper, Johnson, Klemm, McDougle, White

Chris Cosh (4): DeSouza, Franklin, Porzel, White

Al Seamonson (2): Anderson, Murray

Lee Hull (1): Brown

Kevin Lempa (1): Franklin

Danny Pearman (1): O’Brien

—- Patrick Stevens