The Washington Times - February 8, 2009, 03:47PM

First off, let it be said I have nothing against Ben Affleck. Or Charlize Theron. Or Gary Sinise.

But it’s probably a safe bet none of those actors would consider “Reindeer Games” their finest moment.


(It probably was high tide for Dana Stubblefield, but that’s another matter).

It is, no doubt, a run-of-the-mill, turn-of-the-century film. Which is why it would be on at 3:30 on a Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately, whoever is controlling the programming at whatever Raycom affiliate in Atlanta was carrying the N.C. State-Virginia Tech game didn’t get the memo about, oh, the fact the game wasn’t over yet.

So a fairly close game going on in Blacksburg? Me and everyone else in the A-T-L are getting a B-movie —- and not the one that was on earlier in the afternoon starring a talking insect with Jerry Seinfeld’s voice.

—- Patrick Stevens