The Washington Times - January 1, 2009, 12:18PM

Good news. D1scourse’s Glen Burnie headquarters are just as they were left Sunday morning.

Granted, the return came 15 hours later than expected. But I would have slept more than half of that time, anyway. No big deal.


Anyway, a big tip of the hat to Southwest Airlines, which managed to foul nothing up after the initial hydraulic leak yesterday (which I’m guessing had the potential to ruin my day had it not been fixed). Free hotel room, automatic rebooking to the first flight out of Chicago, no fuss … another feather in that company’s cap.

Plus, this morning’s flight arrived 15 minutes early. That advantage was promptly squandered when seven BWI Express Lot buses came through before one daily garage bus did. Well played in the 25 degree weather, BWI!

Anyway, look for a few more entries throughout the day, including the start of some looks back at the football season that was for Maryland.

—- Patrick Stevens