The Washington Times - January 1, 2009, 07:54AM

CHICAGO —- Happy New Year, all, and greetings from Midway Airport in Chicago.

Considering the hydraulic leak on the airplane that was supposed to leave Boise at midday yesterday, it’s probably not all that bad that the night ended in the (really) Windy City rather than somewhere a little further west.


Quick hits from last night:

* What happened to Georgia Tech? I figured at least there’d be something decent to watch when the travel day was finally over. Never would have guessed North Carolina-Nevada basketball game would be closer.

* The ACC is now 3-5 in the postseason, and both Clemson and Virginia Tech could easily lose today. That would not be a good thing for the much-maligned league, which has victories over Navy, Nevada and Wisconsin this postseason.

—- Patrick Stevens