The Washington Times - January 11, 2009, 03:25PM

Last Sunday was devoted to comparing Maryland‘s resume to seven other teams’.

It was well-received, but also took quite a bit of time.


So rather than do another seven, it makes more sense to do only one. The point of the exercise is to find a comparable team, not figuring out which is better.

So let’s start off with Maryland’s updated accomplishments after a week that included a home loss to Morgan State and a seven-point victory of a struggling Georgia Tech team.

Record: 12-3
RPI: 71
SOS: 134
Best wins: vs. Michigan State, Michigan
Dubious losses: Morgan State
Other losses: vs. Gonzaga, vs. Georgetown
Road: 0-0
Neutral: 2-2

And now, this week’s mystery team:

Record: 13-3
RPI: 56
SOS: 137
Best wins: California, vs. Southern California
Dubious losses: None
Other losses: vs. Xavier, vs. Illinois, at Nebraska
Road: 1-1
Neutral: 2-2

So who is Maryland’s doppelganger this week?


















If you said:

You’re correct.

The Tigers, who seem like a good bet for the middle of the Big 12 pack, were rolling along nicely until yesterday’s loss to Nebraska. The Terps were rolling along nicely until the loss to Morgan State.

Obviously, Missouri doesn’t have the resume to be ranked. Nor does Maryland. But they sure look reasonably similar halfway through the season.

—- Patrick Stevens