The Washington Times - January 13, 2009, 02:41PM

You want an amazing midday stat?

How about that the Humanitarian Bowl‘s ratings were up 200 percent this year (per the Wiz of Odds by way of Every Day Should be Saturday).


So that Tuesday-at-4:30 p.m. kickoff everyone was ridiculing? Especially when it featured two 7-5 teams in Maryland and Nevada?

It didn’t turn out so bad for the TV suits.

OK, so the 2.1 rating didn’t crack the top half of the 34 bowl games. But it did top the EagleBank Bowl (1.9, featuring Wake Forest) and the Pizza Bowl (1.7, featuring N.C. State), so Maryland wasn’t even the least-watched ACC team in the postseason as once seemed to be possible.

At least those television viewers were entertained. Yes, the game took forever. And, yes, there is something a little bit unsettling about a guy being suspended for the first half and winning the game’s MVP award. But it was an entertaining game, and it’s nice to know someone who wasn’t in Boise was actually watching.

—- Patrick Stevens