The Washington Times - January 17, 2009, 01:03PM

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. —- Can’t say Florida State‘s 29-27 lead at halftime is all that surprising. Or impressive.

This was the sort of half you’d expect a pair of midpack teams to piece together. Not completely unwatchable, but certainly not filled with brilliant and memorable plays.


Maryland went nine deep in the first half. It did not go to the foul line. Four guys picked up two fouls apiece, so that’s a subplot to consider heading into the second half.

If there is something the Terps warrant some credit for, it’s bottling up Toney Douglas. The Florida State senior has five points, the last two coming on a fast-break lay-in in the final minute to give the Seminoles their two-point lead.

A quick halftime look at plus-minus brings me back to my favorite topic —- the bench.

Here’s the bench totals in that category:

Jin Soo Kim: -7
Sean Mosley: -9
Cliff Tucker: -4
Dino Gregory: -11

The dropoff is absurd (the starters are a combined +21). Yet somehow, Maryland is still only down two despite going 1-for-8 with two points in the final 5:40 before the break.

—- Patrick Stevens