The Washington Times - January 20, 2009, 09:37AM

An amusing point came up during a discussion with TerpCenter’s Seth Hoffman yesterday —- just how many dunks does Maryland have this season? And who, other than Landon Milbourne and Adrian Bowie, has managed any?

Thanks to the wonders of online play-by-play listings, you can create as close to a full accounting as possible of any sort of play. That includes dunks, which are helpfully listed as something other than “made layup” or “made field goal”


And through 17 games, the Terrapins have all of 18 dunks. The player-by-player rundown:

Landon Milbourne: 6
Adrian Bowie: 4
Jerome Burney: 2
Braxton Dupree: 1
Dino Gregory: 1
Eric Hayes: 1
Jin Soo Kim: 1
Sean Mosley: 1
Cliff Tucker: 1

By comparison, here’s a game in the not-too-distant past that Maryland had nine dunks. Against an ACC team. That was two years removed from a Final Four appearance.

OK, that’s a bit unfair, since that was Maryland’s national title year and happened to coincide with The Year Carolina Was Terrible. And just like then, a dunk is worth the same as a sweet mid-range jumper off a screen, so it’s not like it is a competitively telling stat.

What it does reflect to some extent is the absence of high-percentage shots for Maryland. Given the struggles the offense has endured at times this season, the dearth of dunks certainly is indicative of a much larger challenge the Terps are facing this season.

—- Patrick Stevens