The Washington Times - January 21, 2009, 12:17PM

There were two obvious reasons Maryland pulled out an 84-78 defeat of Virginia last night

1. Landon Milbourne
2. Foul shooting


The fact they dovetailed so nicely in the final five minutes was especially helpful.

While Milbourne continues to channel his inner Keith Booth (who else noticed the junior didn’t leave the floor in the second half?) and some time is invested uncovering an intriguing Milbourne-related trend, it’s probably better to look at the foul shooting for a moment.

It isn’t that Maryland made a bunch of them, at a high percentage. It’s that the Terps took a bunch —- 24 to be precise —- against the Cavaliers.

That was the third-highest total all season. It also bears mentioning that in four of Maryland’s five losses, it didn’t make it to the free throw line more than a dozen times.

Here’s a chart version of what the point of this entry is:

FTs Record Games
<10 0-2 GONZ, MIA
10-15 2-2 G-town, BRY, Elon, Morgan St.
16-20 4-1 MICH, GW, AU, CHAR, FSU
21-25 5-0 BUCK, MSU, DSU, GT, UVA
26+ 2-0 YSU, UVM

So remember that keys to victory chart from a few games back? Let’s add 16+ free throws and update the sucker, shall we?

Here goes, with the other categories still as follows:

* Capable 3-point shooting (at least five 3FG, no worse than 33.3 percent shooting)
* A good game from the best player, Greivis Vasquez (double figure scoring, assist/TO is > 1, sound overall game)
* Excellent defense (yield 70- points or sub-40 percent shooting)
* Break even in rebounding
* Commit no more than 15 turnovers

Opponent 3FG 
Reb. TO FT
Bucknell x
x x x x
Youngstown St.

x x
x x
Vermont x x
vs. Michigan St.
x x x
x x
vs. Gonzaga

vs. Georgetown

x x x x x
vs. GW
x x x x x x
Delaware State

x x x x x
American x x x x x x
Bryant x x x x x
Elon x x x x x
Charlotte x x
x x x
Morgan State

x x

Georgia Tech

x x
at Miami
at Florida State


x x


So, in review now that an extra category is added:

Maryland is 2-0 when it does all six things.

Maryland is 7-0 when it does five things off the list.

Maryland is 3-1 when it does four things off the list (the loss coming at Miami).

Maryland is 1-0 when it does three things off the list.

Maryland is 0-2 when it does two things off the list.

Maryland is 0-2 when it does one thing off the list.

No surprise here, nor is it a stunner the Terps need to get to the foul line more. With limited size and an offense that goes cold for spurts, Maryland needs all the easy points it can muster over its final dozen regular season games.

—- Patrick Stevens