The Washington Times - January 24, 2009, 09:55PM

Back home at D1scourse’s Glen Burnie headquarters after a very long day of travel and lopsided basketball.

Really, 41-point romps don’t just happen every day in ACC land.


That’s an entry for another day altogether. But those sorts of blowouts happen to Gary Williams about, oh, never.

And it’s not like 30-point losses are all that common, either.

Which is why this was an interesting take from him this afternoon.

“As far as the score goes, it doesn’t bother me to lose by 40 or 20. It counts as one loss,” Williams said. “People can say that’s terrible, but it’s getting ready for Tuesday night [that’s important].”

True, but it was one heinous loss. Seriously, it’s one of those glaring defeats Maryland fans will think about for a long, long time when compiling their “worst of …” lists.

Speaking of such a listing, here are Williams’ 30-point losses in his 31-year career:

41: at Duke (Maryland, 1/24/2009, 85-44)

36: at Temple (AU, 2/16/1979, 103-67)
36: vs. North Carolina (Maryland, 3/12/1993, 102-66)

35: vs. UCLA (Maryland, 3/18/2000, 105-70)

34: at North Carolina (Maryland, 1/8/2005, 109-75)

33: at Florida (Ohio State, 12/16/1987, 102-69)

32: at North Carolina (Maryland, 1/9/1991, 105-73)
32: Duke (Maryland, 1/3/98, 104-72)

30: at Syracuse (AU, 1/8/1979, 103-73)
30: at Maryland (AU, 12/2/1980, 95-65)
30: at Illinois (Ohio State, 2/17/1988, 118-88)
30: at Purdue (Ohio State, 3/9/1989, 83-53)

That’s a dirty dozen games there, for certain. None of the long-time staples on that list, though, were quite as bad as today.

—- Patrick Stevens