The Washington Times - January 26, 2009, 11:51AM

This was no doubt a forerunner to today’s media session in College Park.

Not a whole lot of looking back, and a reference to 11 games to go in conference play.


In the crucible of the season, it would see Gary Williams doesn’t want to do much reflection. Which really isn’t new for the Maryland coach.

Only this time, he’s not interested in reflecting much on a 41-point loss.

“Whatever we’d like, there’s not a lot of time,” Williams said. “By the time you get back from the road game, we’te talking about how we have to play to be at our best more than what happened at Duke. I think that’s the key to preparing. You have to look at it as if you won that game, you’d have to do the same things to get ready for Boston College. We have to get ready for Boston College. We can’t dwell on what happened Saturday.”

Well, this should be a nice teeth-pulling session this afternoon.

And there probably won’t be a quality joke interspersed later on, either.

A writer from Florida asked about the NCAA’s decree to prevent coaches from recruiting seventh-graders.

“We weren’t recruiting any,” Williams said. “The two we had committed, we had to tell them to go away.”

—- Patrick Stevens