The Washington Times - January 26, 2009, 04:09PM

Gary Williams has been around for a while, so he knows how to say what he wants even when he’s not permitted to.

Sometimes that makes for some entertaining stuff. Sometimes it doesn’t.


Anyway, Williams was asked about whether he examined tape of Saturday’s 85-44 loss to Duke on Saturday once he got home. After all, it would be tough to blame anyone for just tossing it aside or avoiding it for a night.

Williams, though, did take an extended look.

“I watched it for a couple reasons,” Williams said. “One was to see how we played, and there were some other reasons I watched it which confirmed what I thought the first five minutes of the game. I watched that, without going into more detail because I’m not allowed to. Then we come in at halftime and we shot no free throws in a pretty physical situation. So, I wanted to see how that looked. And I saw.”

There are certain outcomes that warrant and even demand obliquely parrying with the officiating.

This wasn’t one of them.

If, somehow, officiating handed Duke a whopping 10 points, Maryland still gets run by more than 30 and it’s still an ugly loss.

So, sure, Messrs. Hess, Kersey and Ayers didn’t necessarily have great days, and (as Bob Knight would point out) they sure weren’t looking for blatant traveling calls.

But it’s a safe bet the refs ranked far, far down Maryland’s list of concerns of what unfolded in those 40 minutes.

—- Patrick Stevens