The Washington Times - January 30, 2009, 08:47PM

Maryland coach Gary Williams wasn’t going to let a golden opportunity to talk about a recruit’s honors go to waste.

Center Jordan Williams has been nominated for the McDonald’s All-American game. But based on Connecticut prep star is one of 2,500 boys and girls nationwide to earn the honor.


If you look at this list off the McDonald’s game list, you’ll find Maryland signee James Padgett as well. Plus a whole lot more.

So maybe this isn’t quite as big a deal as Maryland would like it to be. But Gary still had something to say about it anyway.

“He’s not one yet,” Williams said. “He’s been nominated as a McDonald’s All-American, and that’s the ultimate judge of players, whether they’re a McDonald’s All-American or not. Hopefully, he’ll get it. He scored [50] the other night, he broke his school record for scoring. He’s one of those big guys who didn’t have a lot of recruiting attention going into the summer, but I saw him play six or seven times during that July period. He was a better player every time I saw him play.”

(Here’s a good time to point out that Maryland’s record with Burger Boys isn’t especially good. Danny Miller played three years and transferred. Travis Garrison didn’t turn out to be as good as expected. Neither did Mike Jones, though he did play well down the stretch of his senior season).

Anyway, back to Williams … Gary, that is, with a delicious detail on his recruit’s background:

“His [AAU] coach coached the Boston Celtics,” Williams said. “He was the interim coach of the Boston Celtics, John Carroll. He was the AAU coach. Obviously, he’s a good coach and knows what he’s doing. He really pushed Jordan and I think it was a big help to Jordan’s development.”

—- Patrick Stevens