The Washington Times - January 5, 2009, 05:06PM

Quick name, the three teams sharing the lead in the CAA after two of 18 games.

You could probably get defending league champ George Mason.


Those discerning fans would know Northeastern (which, like seemingly everyone who has gone to Indiana this year, has defeated the Hoosiers).

VCU? Nope. Lost at Delaware.

Last year’s CAA runner-up, William & Mary? The Fightin’ Ampersands are 0-2.

Old Dominion? The Monarchs have a loss as well.

That setback came against Georgia State, which has added five Division I transfers this year. So the Panthers are an interesting story.

OK, an 8-year-old trumpet player (or roughly 8-year-old; maybe he’s 9 or 10) just took care of the national anthem. Really well, actually. So it’s time to tip off at Patriot Center, with the winner remaining atop the league.

Today’s lineups:


G-2-Joe Dukes (you might remember him as Shamaine Dukes of Wake Forest fame)
G-11-Trae Goldston
G-21-Leonard Mendez
F-1-Trey Hampton (via Ole Miss)
F-23-Xavier Hansbro (via Ole Miss)


G-20-Cam Long
G-1-Dre Smith
G-23-John Vaughan
F-33-Louis Birdsong
F-32-Darryl Monroe

—- Patrick Stevens