The Washington Times - January 6, 2009, 09:07PM

A friend pointed a recent bit of news to come out of Orlando.

Charlie Taaffe, the former Maryland offensive coordinator, was just hired as Central Florida’s offensive coordinator. This comes a few months after Taaffe was fired as head coach of the CFL’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats.


It got me thinking about the whereabouts of all of Ralph Friedgen’s former assistants over the last eight seasons. There’s actually a dozen of them now, which means there’s been an average of 1.5 staff changes a season (though I am counting Kasey Dunn’s six-week stint last winter).

I didn’t find everyone in my quick search of Al Gore’s Invention, but came up reasonably close. It appears 10 of the 12 former assistants are still working either at major colleges or in the pros; only Rod Sharpless (2001-02) and Phil Zacharias (2006-07) apparently are not, though I emphasize this was a quick search and Google isn’t infallible.

Here’s the rundown of Friedgen’s former assistants, with their years working for Ralph and their current gigs:

Mike Locksley
2001-02New Mexico HC
Bill O’Brien
2003-04Patriots WRs
Gary Blackney
2001-05Central Florida DBs
Charlie Taaffe
2001-05Central Florida OC 
Tim Banks
2003-06Central Michigan DC 
Bryan Bossard
2005-07Pittsburgh WRs
Ray Rychleski
2001-07South Carolina ST
Kasey Dunn
Winter 2008Seahawks RBs
Chris Cosh
2006-08Kansas State co-DC
Danny Pearman
2008Clemson TEs/Ts

Patrick Stevens