The Washington Times - January 8, 2009, 02:16PM

What a day to discover this little tidbit from the Official Dot Com Diva.

Josh Portis is leaving Maryland. And really, for anyone around the program, that’s really no surprise at all.


I’ve done the full rundown before, and it really doesn’t bear much repeating: The junior took 45 snaps total in three seasons in Maryland’s program.

He sat out 2006 in accordance with NCAA transfer rules.

He sat out 2007 for cheating on a quiz.

He sat for much of 2008 because he wasn’t as good as Chris Turner.

That’s the only logical conclusion to draw from this season, because you’d have to believe if Portis could have made a difference against Virginia Tech or Florida State or Boston College, he would have played.

Instead, he took three snaps in his final six games. His final play summed up a ton —- a promising 7-yard run created with a jolt of athleticism, punctuated with a fumble to hand North Carolina good field position early in the fourth quarter.

Maryland suddenly finds itself in a most unenviable position. The Terps will begin camp with only one quarterback with any game snaps in his career. So if Turner goes down, things could get dicey.

Seriously, let’s look back over the last few seasons at the returning quarterbacks who had at the very least partook in Operation Kneeldown heading into the start of camp (which is an important qualifier for the ‘07 season):

2008: Jordan Steffy, Chris Turner, Josh Portis
2007: Steffy, Portis
2006: Sam Hollenbach, Steffy
2005: Hollenbach, Steffy, Joel Statham
2004: Statham

In the immortal words of Scooby-Doo, RUH-ROH!

Or, in a more mathematical (and less Hanna-Barbera-reliant manner), how about this idea?

2009 - Turner = 2004?

The question mark is worthwhile (and might have been even if Portis remained). Jamarr Robinson is entering his third spring in the program, but it’d be dumb to try to evaluate him based on a couple spring games and a pair of JV games this fall. It’s far too small a sample size, so he’s an unknown.

Then there are the two commitments Maryland has, but banking on a freshman quarterback to emerge as a sure-thing isn’t the sort of thing coaches with long tenures tend to do very often. If it sounds like a good chart idea, it’s because it is … just for a point on the calendar when there’s more time to operate.

Back on point: Portis is apparently off to play for the Vulcans, so maybe his football career will live long and prosper. And maybe Maryland will, too.

But no one will really find out about either possibility until the fall arrives.

—- Patrick Stevens