The Washington Times - January 9, 2009, 09:11AM

I promised a blue field-related prize to the winner of the D1scourse Challenge.

But you’d be surprised how little blue field fanfare there is in Boise.



I scoured the Bronco team shop adjacent to the stadium at the Humanitarian Bowl and came up with a Boise State t-shirt with a fully lined field in the middle of it.

Granted, I could have tried to hustle a little blue FieldTurf back to Baltimore if I so chose. But I also wanted to leave Boise without posting bond, so that was out of the picture.

So a t-shirt is the prize for Wup@c’z Pickz, who locked up victory when Florida upended Oklahoma last night. His “strategy” was fantastic —- not bother adjusting the confidence picks, thus back-loading the whole contest and making a late surge possible.

Purple Reign finished second and gets a glossy consolation prize of some sort.

Anyway, both those owners can shoot me an e-mail at, and I’ll figure out some time to deliver/mail out the prizes in the near future.

Thanks again for playing, and look for the D1scourse Bracket Challenge in another two months.

—- Patrick Stevens