The Washington Times - July 27, 2009, 07:24AM

With a new season comes a new depth chart (but not a new media guide for Maryland, though that’s a story for a post later in the day).

And a new depth chart means figuring out where some guys who never played a down are checking in.


(It also means trying to find some clues about some entrenched players with known academic issues. Bruce Campbell is listed as the starter at left tackle, while Dion Armstrong isn’t on the depth chart at nose tackle. Armstrong is on the overall roster).

Anyway, there are some notable freshmen dotting the two-deep, including (with true freshmen in italics)…


NT A.J. Francis
TE-F Matt Furstenburg
WLB Demetrius Hartsfield
RG Justin Lewis


WR Kerry Boykins
TE-F Devonte Campbell
RT R.J. Dill
SLB Darin Drakeford
PK/KO Nick Ferrara

LT Justin Gilbert
DE Masengo Kabongo
NT Zach Kerr
DE De’Onte Arnett (third-string)
WR Kevin Dorsey (third-string)
C Bennett Fulper (third-string)
MLB Avery Murray (third-string)
ANCHOR Carl Russell (third-string)
DT Joe Vellano (third-string)
RG Pete White (third-string)
TB Gary Douglas (fourth-string)

—- Patrick Stevens