The Washington Times - July 27, 2009, 08:06PM

GREENSBORO, N.C. —- Lots of stuff from Ralph Friedgen today. His session ended just a little less than an hour ago —- when the power went out here at the Grandover Resort.

What a way to tell folks the interview was done.


While Friedgen probably wasn’t sad to see his marathon day of interviews end (and with about four hours straight, I can’t really blame him), he was in a good move.

Funny what being almost eight months removed from your last loss will do for a coach.

I’ll post a bunch of stuff in the next few days (there was lots of stuff on Friedgen’s weight loss and the coach-in-waiting deal), but first some nuts-and-bolts items while minding the store.

* First off, Friedgen is now down to 306 pounds, a drop of 95 pounds from when he started his diet in October. He said if he cracks triple-digits, Maryland-based Medifast might have him start filming commercials.

* An example (beyond media guides) of the economy hitting the program: Friedgen said the Terps would bus to Duke for the Oct. 24 game in Durham. Typically, Maryland will charter flights to football games in North Carolina.

* Dion Armstrong‘s status is the story that just won’t die. The nose tackle remains in academic limbo, pending the end of a second session class. Friedgen isn’t sure when Armstrong will get his grade, but he’s hopeful to know by the time camp starts in two weeks.

For now, A.J. Francis is the starter in Armstrong’s stead, even though Friedgen remains intrigued at the possibility of moving Francis to the offensive line.

* As expected, Lorne Goree and David Mackall are off to prep school. Scratch those two off your 2009 roster.

* Friedgen said safety Dominique Herald transferred to Delaware State and that offensive lineman Bearthur Johnson flunked out.

Herald isn’t listed on Delaware State’s 2009 roster (neither is former Terp Brian Whitmore). A brutal knee injury as well as a suspension to start last season marred Herald’s promising career.

As for Johnson, he simply never got into shape, and watching him woozily attempt to run the stairs in Byrd during a scrimmage last year was rather startling.

In any case, that unofficially places Maryland at 82 scholarships.

* I specifically asked Friedgen about any walk-ons receiving scholarships —- naming Paul Pinegar in particular —- and the coach said he wouldn’t make a decision on that until camp ends. Still, with Pinegar and Andrew Gonnella at or near the top of the depth chart, they would seem like obvious recipients when Friedgen chooses to dole out the extras he has to work with.

* Friedgen said all of the guys who missed the spring with injury —- Cory Jackson, Alex Wujciak, et al —- are good to go for camp.

However, tackle Stephen St. John might not make it back in time for camp after undergoing a shoulder injury after camp. Walk-on Matt Harraka (back) is “a question mark,” and freshman Nick Klemm (foot) is expected to be back the first week of school.

—- Patrick Stevens