The Washington Times - July 28, 2009, 08:57AM

RALEIGH, N.C. —- Perched in RDU for the next hour or so waiting for my flight back to Baltimore.

One quick reflection on the two days was just how willing folks were to talk about the nascent Heisman campaign of C.J. Spiller.


The Clemson tailback has a pretty high mountain to climb, namely his own team’s unerring tendency to trip over itself. But after last year’s disappointment, the Tigers are due to surprise this time around.

The publicity department is already into the act, printing up life-size Spiller posters. One is safely tucked next to my laptop case now, in hopes it could be one of the jewels of this year’s D1scourse Challenge.

What was amusing yesterday, though, was watching Florida State’s Christian Ponder and Dekoda Watson leave the Grandover with their own rolled up posters.

From the sounds of things, they weren’t the only ones (though I can attest that when i chatted with Maryland’s Chris Turner and Nolan Carroll as they were leaving, they weren’t carrying any posters).

In any case, good for Clemson for creating a modest amount of good pub in a year when the Tigers aren’t a big name nationally. It sure beats attempting in vain to clamp down the hype on a team that didn’t have the offensive line to go anywhere until late in the season.

—- Patrick Stevens