The Washington Times - July 29, 2009, 02:58PM

Picked up a couple tidbits today while chatting with Rhode Island coach Joe Trainer at the CAA’s media day up in Baltimore.

Most notably, his program will visit Maryland (presumably early) in the 2013 season.


That’s no surprise for the Terrapins, who have faced CAA members William & Mary (2006), Villanova (2007) and Delaware (2008) in recent seasons and have James Madison (2009) and Towson (2011) locked in for upcoming dates.

It’s also no shock for the Rams, who are reflective of the trend in the former Division I-AA to secure a guarantee game to help pay the bills throughout the athletic department.

Not only did Rhode Island visit Connecticut (2006), Army (2007) and Boston College (2008) in the last few seasons, the Rams already have games scheduled for 2009 (Connecticut), 2010 (Buffalo), 2011 (Syracuse) and 2012 (Bowling Green) to go along with the Maryland date.

That’s some extensive planning —- and it’s only going to become longer-term as schools look to lock in certain paydays if their budgets continue to shrink.

—- Patrick Stevens