The Washington Times - June 1, 2009, 11:48AM

June has arrived. And that means it’s pretty much now or never for “vacation.”

I say “vacation” because there are still loose ends to tie up from several sports.


I say “vacation” because so long as Greivis Vasquez has a decision to make regarding the NBA Draft, I’ll wind up lugging my laptop pretty much anywhere I go.

I say “vacation” because there are a couple stories I’m still picking at over the summer.

I say “vacation” because it won’t be long before pieces of Maryland’s basketball schedule start coming into focus.

I say “vacation” because the truth is I’m too miserly to actually leave town for more than a day and will spend a good chunk of time around the house.

As you might intuit, I don’t exactly do well in “taking advantage of vacation.” And, yes, that’s a pretty serious shortcoming.

In any case, the one place where “vacation” will be more evident is on the blog. For the next month or so, it won’t be littered with five-plus entries a day. That can wait until football picks back up in July (with a Vasquez-related burst whenever he winds up making his decision in the next two weeks).

Otherwise, one entry a day will be about the max —- which is about right since the college sports season is pretty much over, particularly around College Park.

For now, that’s going to have to constitute “vacation.”

—- Patrick Stevens