The Washington Times - June 29, 2009, 02:16PM

Loyal readers know quite well there are many things covered in-depth here.

Recruiting, to be truthful and to state the obvious, isn’t one of them.


But since (a) people are interested and (b) it’s a really slow day in late June, here’s the requisite Lance Stephenson non-update Maryland fans might not (and probably shouldn’t) care about.

It is a classic matter of one step forward, one step back.

Over the weekend, Adam Zagoria reported the Brooklyn guard could commit to Cincinnati as soon as Tuesday. And today, his trial for groping a 17-year-old was adjourned until July 15. Which is to say, other than make it a little dicier for any school to agree to take on Stephenson for a couple more weeks, nothing effectively happened.

That’s appropriate, because nothing has effectively happened with Stephenson since the calendar turned to 2009. Oh, sure, the guy has taken visits to some schools, and heavens knows how much ink has been spilled about the guy (Perhaps enough to have saved a job or two in the newspaper industry? Ink does cost money.).

But in terms of permanence, nothing has happened through the whole process.

And basically nothing happened today.

Which is why this is a Stephenson non-update, rather than an update.

—- Patrick Stevens