The Washington Times - March 10, 2009, 11:31AM

We’ll never have to know where Gonzaga would have landed on the at-large board (educated guess: 14th) after the Bulldogs won last night.

We’ll never have to know where Siena would have landed on the at-large board (educated guess: 41st) after the Saints won last night.


We might not get to know where Butler would land on the at-large board (educated guess: 13th) if the Bulldogs win tonight.

But we do get to know —- or at least guess —- where Saint Mary’s lands.

A very tenuous 34th.

In short, plenty of teams can play their way past the Gaels. Maryland, for example, would probably pull it off with a split in the ACC tournament.

That wouldn’t necessarily put the Terps in the NCAA tournament; other teams will have a say about that. But Saint Mary’s is very questionable right now for postseason inclusion, and that’s why it sits where it sits on this board:

1. Pittsburgh
2. Connecticut
3. Oklahoma
4. Wake Forest
5. Duke
6. Villanova
7. Missouri
8. Florida State
9. Clemson
10. Illinois
11. UCLA
12. Syracuse
13. Purdue
14. Arizona State
15. Texas A&M
16. Marquette
17. West Virginia
18. California
19. Texas
20. Oklahoma State
21. Brigham Young
22. Ohio State
23. Tennessee
24. Wisconsin
25. Dayton
26. Boston College
27. Minnesota
28. Michigan
29. Arizona
30. Florida


31. Penn State
32. UNLV
33. Miami
34. Saint Mary’s


35. Maryland
36. South Carolina
37. New Mexico
38. Providence


39. Southern California
40. Virginia Tech
41. Creighton
42. Auburn


43. San Diego State
44. Kansas State
45. Georgetown
46. Northwestern
47. Davidson
48. Notre Dame
49. Cincinnati
50. Kentucky

—- Patrick Stevens