The Washington Times - March 12, 2009, 10:56PM

ATLANTA —- Wrapping up some Terps stuff for the night (and hoping to see the final 10 minutes of BC-Virginia), and it’s clear Maryland yet again scrapped out a victory.

It was sort of befuddling N.C. State didn’t recognize that shooting guard Eric Hayes could, well, shoot. That’s pretty much the main reason Maryland moved along.


In any case, the Terps ensured they’ll harbor at least some hope until Sunday. It might disappear to a great degree tomorrow with a loss to Wake Forest; a win, of course, would make Maryland’s argument a whole lot stronger.

There’s plenty more to come on this tomorrow morning, when a full night’s sleep (OK, half a night’s sleep) will encourage some more lucid thinking. But Maryland has made things interesting, which pretty much fits its M.O. for the entire season.

—- Patrick Stevens