The Washington Times - March 12, 2009, 04:32PM

ATLANTA —- Lewis Clinch just put the finishing touches on Georgia Tech’s 86-81 upset of Clemson, finishing with 32 points and ensuring the hometown team would stick around the Georgia Dome for another day.

It’s the third time in four years the 12 seed has upended the No. 5 seed in this event.


In 2006, The Great Al Thornton and Florida State lost to Wake Forest in Greensboro.

In 2007, Maryland lost to Miami in Tampa.

And now this in Atlanta.

If N.C. State could have avoided mailing in its opener last year, the 12 seed might be 4-for-4.

But instead, they’re not. But in this case, the Yellow Jackets both extended their season a day and probably cost Clemson the chance to play in Miami in the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament. Oh, and Clemson falls down the at-large board as well.

—- Patrick Stevens