The Washington Times - March 14, 2009, 08:12AM

ATLANTA —- There are many teams Maryland fans should root for today.

Not the least of which is Maryland.


The Terrapins have done well the first two days of the ACC tournament. But they could use another quality victory to feel safe about their chances (which I’ll spend the next four hours slicing and dicing to come up with a full-page spread in tomorrow’s dead-tree edition —- so go buy that, if you would).

But here are some other teams to keep an eye on:

* Tulsa: If the Golden Hurricane upends Memphis, a spot is taken out of the at-large pool to accommodate the Tigers.

* Mississippi State: This year’s Georgia (in a bid-stealing sort of way)? Not if Louisiana State can dispatch the SEC West’s Bulldogs in the conference semifinals.

* Auburn: The Tigers helped Maryland out a ton yesterday, dismissing Florida from the discussion. But it will still be a tough call to include them with a loss to Tennessee.

* Baylor: The Bears will steal a spot in the field with a win in the Big 12 title game. But would you want to face high-pressure Missouri when you’re playing your fourth game in four days?

* Southern Cal: The West Coast’s version of Maryland, the Trojans meet Arizona State in the Pac-10 final with an AQ on the line. They might be in anyway after topping Cal and UCLA.

* San Diego State: The Aztecs can solidify a third berth for the Mountain West by beating Utah.

* Utah State: Who really needs a 29-5 team in the at-large pool? The Aggies would create headaches if they lost at Nevada in the WAC final.

—- Patrick Stevens