The Washington Times - March 18, 2009, 02:01PM

KANSAS CITY, Mo. —- One thing stood up when I walked into the open locker room this afternoon here at the Sprint Center.

No, it wasn’t players crowding around a TV to watch Gary Williams‘ press conference (though that was also pretty funny). It was the white “2009 NCAA tournament” shirts some coaches, managers, team personnel (and even Jerome Burney) are sporting at this point.


Here’s guessing it’ll take some effort for some of those people to get rid of those shirts, too. After all, there’s a definite sense from those in the program they are well-earned prizes of a very interesting season.

Anyway, Williams apparently just told a pretty funny joke, since Tim Brando‘s cackling echoed through the arena. Brando and Mike Gminski will have the call of tomorrow’s games, which obviously isn’t as good as either Gus Johnson or Bill Raftery, but certainly is a functional pairing.

Plus, if memory serves, they were in Tampa for four first-round upsets last year. Maryland would certainly not be sad if that double-digit seed prowess continued this time around.

—- Patrick Stevens