The Washington Times - March 19, 2009, 10:55PM

KANSAS CITY, Mo. —- Hope you didn’t stay up late expecting an upset in the nightcap at the Sprint Center.

Not only is Morgan State down 19, the Bears are only leading Blake Griffin 21-18.


This is the Oklahoma sophomore’s playground, and no one is coming anywhere close to spoiling his good time. He’s shooting 8-for-9 from the floor, and has done pretty much everything he’s wanted to.

Marquise Kately has six points for Morgan State, which can at least claim it led 3-2 when Reggie Holmes knocked down a 3-pointer in the first minute. The Bears are 0-for-8 from long range since then.

This isn’t going to be close, but Morgan State is a tough enough crew to keep things somewhat respectable. Whether that means the Bears will stay within 30 remains to be seen, but even if it is a full-fledged rout, it was pretty much what was expected, anyway.

—- Patrick Stevens