The Washington Times - March 2, 2009, 11:00PM

Barring a long stay in the Big East tournament, Notre Dame will be hosting NIT games at the Joyce Center.

Ditto for Baylor, except sub in Big 12 for Big East.


Not that this wasn’t already clear, but both teams got smoked against sure-fire NCAA tournament teams tonight. The past tense isn’t quite right for Baylor, which is in the process of getting drubbed at Texas.

Both were supposed to be top-25 teams. Both folded badly in the middle of conference play, and both will end the night with 10 league losses.

Anything’s possible, including either of these teams catching fire next week. But neither a team not far removed from seven straight losses (Notre Dame) noor one that just dropped its ninth in 11 tries (Baylor) doesn’t make a particularly good candidate for a miracle week.

The at-large board for this evening’s bracket included 49 teams for 34 spots, with a rather liberal definition of a candidate prompting the inclusion of both Baylor and Notre Dame. Both are gone now, and realistically so is a little more competition on the NCAA tournament bubble.

—- Patrick Stevens