The Washington Times - March 22, 2009, 03:31PM

Just got back to Baltimore a few hours ago, and after looking in to make sure the Glen Burnie D1scourse headquarters were still standing, I hit the road for College Park.

Good thing I didn’t get here earlier; Utah and Villanova engaged in what the box score suggests was about as ugly a game as could be imagined.


Initially, I was told Utah won by 30. For an 8-9 game, that’s surprising. Then came the score: 60-30.


Anyway, Villanova’s anemic showing lands as the lowest output for a college team (men’s or women’s) in Comcast Center history. It’s also the third-lowest output in NCAA tournament history:

27: Duke 96, Southern 27, 2006 first round

29: Connecticut 101, Long Island 29, 2001 first round

30:  Utah 60, Villanova 30, 2009 first round

Oddly enough, Maryland was part of a doubleheader in the 2001 game as well, losing to Colorado State at Gampel Pavilion in Storrs, Conn. I covered the Maryland women that season, and got to see that ugly UConn game in all of its glory and splendor. So it was nice to dodge a bullet and not see a similarly bad game this time around.

As for the one that’s just unfolded for the last hour, Maryland is up 19 at the break —- rather predictable for a 1/16 game. Kristi Toliver has matched Dartmouth point for point (23 apiece), with her teammates accounting for the difference.

You might wonder who owns the Maryland NCAA tournament scoring record. Well, that would be Toliver, who dropped 35 points as Maryland lost to Stanford in last year’s regional final.

Put another way: Toliver has 58 points in Maryland’s last 60 postseason minutes. That is, in a word, insane.

So it looks like Maryland-Utah in the second round —- a rematch of the 2006 Elite Eight game where the Terps overcame both the Utes and a team-wide stomach virus to eke out an overtime victory.

More on Toliver, the Terps and the rest of this game later.

—- Patrick Stevens