The Washington Times - March 23, 2009, 10:41AM

Now that two rounds of chalkiness are over, maybe it’s time to re-assess how to really fill out a bracket.

Whenever anyone asks for tips next year, the correct thing to offer up will be “advance all the 1s, 2s and 3s.”


That would have worked this season, certainly. If you presume Wake Forest was the weakest No. 4 seed (the Demon Deacons were in the regional with the top overall seed), then 14 of the top 15 teams in the collective mind of committee members moved along to the second weekend of the tournament.

Not too shabby on their part, and Purdue over Washington was hardly an upset the other day. That left Wake as the only truly surprising early departure  —- and anyone who saw Wake lose to Maryland in the ACC tournament could tell the Demon Deacons were teetering heading into the postseason.

Looking back at the original bracket rundowns from last week, only nine of my regional semifinal picks made it. But … seven regional finalists remain, as do all four Final Four picks. Advancing all four semifinalists is much more important than picking Siena over Ohio State (check) or Wisconsin over Florida State (not so much).

Anyway, missed just one game yesterday (boo, Herb Sendek) and actually wound up with a better second-round record than first-round record.

The rundown before the rewind goes on hiatus until later in the week.

Fourth-day record: 7-1
Second round record: 13-3
Overall record: 35-14

—- Patrick Stevens