The Washington Times - March 24, 2009, 10:07PM

Here’s some statistical intrigue for you from Maryland‘s 71-56 defeat of Utah in the NCAA tournament’s second round at Comcast Center.

Tonight’s game had three distinct stretches for Maryland, some of them spliced up into bits.


One was Maryland going with three guards.

The second was Maryland going with four guards.

The third was garbage time, the final 2:38 when Maryland subbed out Kristi Toliver, Marissa Coleman and Marah Strickland.

Let’s put this, as is my wont, in chart form

Scenario Time Score (M-U)
Three-guard 12:40 19-21 -2
Four-guard 24:42 52-30 +22
Garbage time
2:38 0-5 -5

That about answers what made the difference for the Terps more than any plus-minus chart ever could.

Maryland went small (well, relatively small) and generally used its top three guards and either Anjale Barrett (for a good chunk of the first half) or Kim Rodgers (for much of the second half). That turned out to work rather well.

But just for fun, here’s a plus-minus chart anyway as I wrap up things from Comcast Center (where the tape that covered the men’s 3-point line has already been balled up and is in the process of being hauled away):

Player 1st half
2nd half
Total Min.
5-Strickland +16 +6 +22 34
10-Barrett +20 -10 +10 16
12-Kizer +1 +9 +10 21
13-Liles +10 -7 +3 31
14-Oyefuwa DNP -5 -5 3
20-Toliver +16 +4 +20 37
22-Rodgers +1 -1 0 18
24-Mingo DNP -5 -5 3
25-Coleman +16 +4 +20 37

—- Patrick Stevens