The Washington Times - March 24, 2009, 12:59PM

Maryland opened spring practice today, and Ralph Friedgen is about to chat about it.

But first, a little numerology, since a baker’s dozen of Terps opted to switch jerseys.


Here’s who they are, whose number they’re taking and what it all might mean:

* WR Kerry Boykins (No. 81 to No. 13): Dan Gronkowski‘s digits go to a wideout. And a wideout escapes the 80s. Really not too much of a surprise that might happen. Also, Boykins probably isn’t ultrasuperstitious about unlucky numbers. Just a guess.

* TE Devonte Campbell (No. 86 to No. 34): From Steve Suter to Dave Philistin to Devonte Campbell, 34 has filled several roles this decade. It’s an atypical number for a tight end, but for a team that had a defensive lineman wear No. 40 the last few years, maybe it’s not that much of a stunner.

* CB Cameron Chism (No. 37 to No. 22): Drew Robinson‘s old number remains in the secondary, and the Bermuda Triangle No. 37 heads back into Ronnie O’s storage bin.

* RB Gary Douglas (No. 49 to No. 20): The redshirt freshman avoids the fullback-like number and instead goes for the number vacated by …

* S Antwine Perez (No. 20 to No. 2): The winner of the single-digit lottery snags Kevin Barnes‘ old number.

* LB Derek Drummond (No. 58 to No. 44): Drummond, who played some late last season, upgrades from the high 50s to Chase Bullock‘s old number. The same number twice is almost as good as the single digit.

* DL A.J. Francis (No. 98 to No. 96): Francis never has to deal with 98 and takes over Bemi Otulaja‘s old number. Unlike Otulaja, he never had to deal with a three-digit locker number.

* LB Demetrius Hartsfield (No. 59 to No. 50): The redshirt freshman stays in the 50s and takes Ricardo Dacosta‘s old uni.

* DL Masengo Kabongo (No. 65 to No. 55): Given that Kabongo considered 65 about the worst number possible for a d-lineman, it’s no surprise he switched the Trey Covington mainstay.

* WR Quinton McCree (No. 88 to No. 17): Another low number for a wideout, this one vacated by Danny Oquendo.

* RB Davin Meggett (No. 41 to No. 8): Credit to Meggett, who is willing to take on the Darrius Heyward-Bey number.

* S Kenny Tate (No. 18 to  No. 12): Commence Kenny Tate Mafia references in homage to the last No. Dozen.

* DB Austin Walker (No. 15 to No. 29): Walker assumes the Jeff Allen number, and living up to it means being a steady special teams guy and eventual starter over a solid four-year career,

—- Patrick Stevens