The Washington Times - March 26, 2009, 07:41AM

After the end of Maryland‘s basketball season, I promised a technological tweak or two.

Well, here’s one.


Now that things aren’t quite as insane (but still relatively busy and hectic), it seemed a good time to fully launch a Twitter feed for the blog.

Consider this a D1scourse supplement. It was also found by more than a few people after I set up the page a few weeks back, so it seems unwise to leave those people thinking that what they signed up for means nothing.

The plan is to use this to mention breaking news, as well as to offer up a preview of what’s on the blog. The point of the endeavor is common sense: The more people who read the blog, the better chance I have of maintaining employment in the long term. Maybe. But it can’t hurt.

Anyway, here’s the link:

And with that, now I am off to Indy with an increasingly cantakerous broadband card.

—- Patrick Stevens