The Washington Times - March 27, 2009, 07:03PM

INDIANAPOLIS —- Time for my first elevated court experience.

That’s the setup here at Lucas Oil Stadium. I certainly have a decent angle, sitting courtside within five feet of the “Four” in “The Roas to the Final Four” on the floor.


So it’s up close and personal, which is good.

It’s also in the line of fire if someone is lunging after a loose ball or long carom, which is bad.

Hopefully my laptop experiences the ordeal. At the very least, I hope fate doesn’t treat me like the Official Dot-Com Diva (whose adventures in laptop collisions are legendary).

Onto the lineups for Louisville and Arizona (along with tonight’s officials: Doug Shows, Steve Olson and Steve Skiles) here at the Midwest regional.

No. 1 LOUISVILLE (30-5)

G-33-Andre McGee
G-34-Jerry Smith
F-1-Terrence Williams
F-5-Earl Clark
C-24-Samardo Samuels

No. 12 ARIZONA (21-13)

G-13-Nic Wise
G-21-Kyle Fogg
F-42-Jamelle Horne
F-34-Chase Budinger
F-43-Jordan Hill

—- Patrick Stevens