The Washington Times - March 28, 2009, 06:25PM

INDIANAPOLIS —- Louisville forward Terrence Williams is probably my favorite player in the country for two reasons.

One, he is about as versatile as can be, a guy who can do pretty much anything and fill any role.


Two, he has an honest, amusing take on nearly everything, a reflection of the reality he probably has as much fun as anyone else in the game.

One thing he doesn’t like, though, is Kentucky.

You know, Big Blue —- that other in-state school that tends to attract attention for its hardwood goings-on for good or for ill.

Williams was asked about whether Louisville was being overlooked (that’s a laughable concept, considering the Cardinals are the tournament’s top seed and finished the season ranked No. 1, but that’s a discussion for another time) because of the attention paid to Billy Gillispie‘s dismissal this week.

His response: Classic.

“Whose coach?” Williams asked. “That don’t apply to us. I didn’t even know til a couple minutes ago he got fired. What happens up the road, down the road, wherever they’re located from us, it doesn’t really apply to us. We’re where we’re at. We’ve got Rick Pitino. We’ve got Tom Jurich as our AD, and he’s the best AD in the world. That school, we don’t concern ourselves with them. At all. At all. I don’t even know a lot of players on their team besides Jodie Meeks and [Patrick] Patterson.”

That’s a years worth of good quotes for some players. And Williams spit that out in less than a minute as part of a never-dull 32-minute session this afternoon.

Of course, there’s truth to his candor as well. A lot of people couldn’t name a player outside of Meeks and Patterson on Kentucky’s roster. And Louisville is where they are in large part because of Pitino —- and what’s happening in Lexington really has little bearing on the success the Cardinals have carved for themselves over the last few years.

—- Patrick Stevens