The Washington Times - March 29, 2009, 11:54AM

A month ago, I posed the question of whether the multidimensional Marissa Coleman had a chance to chase down Maryland‘s school record for scoring.

It was certainly possible, as she entered the Terrapins’ regular-season finale 216 points shy of Crystal Langhorne.


It was likely to require a run to the ACC title game, and probably a deep run in the NCAA tournament. And it was going to take some absurd consistency. That’d be 21.6 points a game if Maryland maxed out its schedule, a 24-point average on the button if the Terps fell a game short of playing a full tournament (either ACC or NCAA).

Well, Maryland won the ACC tournament. It is heading into the regional final tomorrow against Louisville. And Coleman’s tossed up a 12-point game and a nine-point game in her tournament openers —- and still has a chance to chase down Langhorne.

How’s that? Well, dropping a school-record 42 points (to go along with 15 rebounds) against Vanderbilt yesterday didn’t hurt.

So at this stage, here’s Maryland’s career scoring leaders (men and women):

Juan Dixon: 2,269
Langhorne: 2,247
Coleman: 2,187

Catching Dixon would be a stretch under any circumstances. And yesterday notwithstanding, it’ll probably take three more games (i.e. a title game appearance) to pass Langhorne.

But it can be done —- still, as this chart demonstrating the average Coleman needs to pass either of the Maryland luminaries ahead of her demonstrates.

Games Langhorne Dixon
1 61.0 83.0
2 30.5 41.5
3 20.3 27.7

Coleman, by the way, has scored 21 or more points in 11 of her last 18 games. That’s an indirect way of saying if Maryland can reach the NCAA title game, she’ll probably end her career as her program’s leading career scorer.

—- Patrick Stevens