The Washington Times - March 29, 2009, 05:04PM

INDIANAPOLIS —- History will record Michigan State won today’s Midwest regional final 64-52 against Louisville.

In reality, the Spartans simply blew past the top overal seed in the NCAA tournament, dominating much of the second half in a manner the final score comes nowhere close to reflecting.


Goran Suton kept Sparty around in the first half, and Kalin Lucas helped finish off the Cardinals after the break. But it was an all-around effort, and guard Travis Walton was rightfully put on the all-regional team after helping shut down Terrence Williams this afternoon.

Michigan State was unflustered and unfettered, unworried by Louisville’s pressure. Instead, the Spartans denied the Cardinals their inside-to-outside game, and as a result they’re moving on to Detroit.

More to come later.

—- Patrick Stevens