The Washington Times - March 30, 2009, 03:55PM

Roy Williams got asked about plenty during his 20-minute teleconference this afternoon.

The best part, without question, was him addressing the hilarious Guitar Hero commercial he starred in along with Bob Knight, Mike Krzyzewski and Rick Pitino.


(If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this link.)

“The Guitar Hero, it was fun,” said Williams (and, yes, he said “the” Guitar Hero). “It was frustrating, because I didn’t feel like I was doing exactly what they wanted to do. It probably would have been more fun if all four coaches had been there at the same time as opposed to each of us doing our part individually. But if you had all four of us there at the same time, it would have probably taken 30 days to do a 20-second commercial, because it would have been so hard to get all of us to do exactly the right thing at one time.”

Williams said the commercial was shot in Raleigh (making it probably more inconvenient for Pitino than anyone, since it was a short drive for Ole Roy and Coach K) about three or four weeks ago.

“I know that I was the first one there at the studio for about two and a half hours, and about an hour after I left, Rick was coming in,” Williams said. “And then I think Mike and Coach Knight did theirs the next day. I think they had everybody in in the two-day period. But I don’t know about Mike and Coach Knight. Their paths may have crossed. But I was done and out before Rick got there.”

—- Patrick Stevens