The Washington Times - March 31, 2009, 03:05PM

There are multiple —- one, two, three, for starters —- reports out that VCU will hire Florida assistant Shaka Smart for its basketball coaching opening.

It’s tough to blame the school, which did OK the last time it went with a Billy Donovan assistant three years ago.


It also means Navy coach Billy Lange (who discussed the job yesterday with VCU AD Norwood Teague) will be staying put —- for now, anyway.

Let’s be clear about something: The folks at VCU are smart. Very smart. An administration bright enough to help engineer the Villa 7 Consortium to help mid-major ADs meet high-major assistant coaches has a lot going for it.

The fact these guys were interested in Lange means one of two things. One, they’re ahead of the curve and more interest will trickle in later. Two, other schools that realize how sharp VCU could easily come knocking in the not-too-distant.

It would be silly to declare Lange won’t be back at Navy next season. There’s only so many jobs open now, and suggesting something could happen tomorrow would be quite the gamble.

But the Mids’ job isn’t an easy one, and if Navy cobbles together another winning season next year, it’s easy to see Lange being in quite a bit of demand if some other CAA- or even A-10-level job happens to open up.

—- Patrick Stevens