The Washington Times - March 6, 2009, 08:48PM

Really not much exciting happening tonight.

Both Notre Dame (extreme longshot at-large hope) and Creighton (possible at-large if it loses in the Missouri Valley tournament) are on their way to easy victories over mediocre (or worse) teams.


(EDIT: Wichita State has just erased almost all of an 18-point deficit in the final 6:52. and a 16-point hole in the final four minutes. So easy win? Try a one-point win on a last-second jumper).

So Notre Dame’s victory doesn’t mean much. and Creighton’s win (for now) keeps the Bluejays out of the at-large pool. That might be a good thing for Maryland.

Creighton, meanwhile, now warrants its own post in just a second

More coming from the bubble tomorrow. A lot more. A complete rundown of those festivities coming later.

—- Patrick Stevens