The Washington Times - March 7, 2009, 11:41PM

So Maryland messed up on Saturday.

All is not lost, and not only because the ACC tournament is looming.


The rest of the country is collectively rather accommodating for each others’ screwups of late, so there’s probably help out there waiting to be handed to Maryland.

For example, these games are all of some level of interest:

* Alabama at Tennessee, noon: The Vols probably don’t need the help, but dispatching a horrible road team with an interim coach should be relatively easy insurance to obtain.

* Virginia Tech at Florida State, 2: A loss not only cripples the Hokies, it also gives Maryland a chance to play N.C. State rather than Miami. This could be a double victory for the Terps, if only for the bonus of avoiding Jack McClinton.

* Northwestern at Ohio State, 5: The Wildcats keep providing reasons to think about them. Winning in Columbus would be an extra chip, while the Buckeyes pretty much lock things up with a win.

* Davidson vs. College of Charleston, 6: Listed as a courtesy, but Davidson doesn’t have a viable at-large profile. Stephen Curry better get two more wins, lest the NIT comes calling.

* Indiana at Wisconsin, 7: The Badgers are safe —- assuming they don’t lose to Indiana.

* Saint Mary’s vs. Pepperdine/Portland, 11:30: With all the wreckage on the college hoops landscape, the Gaels are a fascinating bunch. If they win and Patrick Mills looks reasonably decent, they’ll shoot up the at-large board. If not, they’ll be a tough sell.

—- Patrick Stevens