The Washington Times - March 8, 2009, 04:14PM

The bottom three-quarters of the ACC tournament seeding is set now that Florida State has dispatched reeling Virginia Tech.

Maryland is easily the beneficiary of all this (besides Florida State, which locked up a first-round bye with its victory), securing the No. 7 seed and a place as far away from Jack McClinton as possible.


If North Carolina wins today, it means the Tar Heels are far, far away as well. That’s probably not a bad thing, either.

Meanwhile, Boston College-Virginia will shatter attendance records in the Thursday finale. By that, I mean there will be a record number of people either fleeing or ignoring that portion of the tournament altogether. Seriously; how empty will the Georgia Dome be for Maryland-N.C. State and BC-Virginia? It’s a scary thought.

So here’s how things stand entering the final two games of the regular season later this afternoon:

1. UNC/Duke

2. UNC/Duke/Wake

3. Duke/Wake

4. Florida State

5. Clemson

6. Boston College

7. Maryland

8. Virginia Tech

9. Miami

10. N.C. State

11. Virginia

12. Georgia Tech

—- Patrick Stevens